Once upon a time, okay, last month.

I clearly remember a time, a little under a month ago, when I knew how to do simple household chores… Like laundry and dishes and cooking. Okay, I never knew how to cook, but I did know how to do my own laundry.

Not anymore.

I am know the proud owner of two steel gray bras (formerly white and violet), most of my underwear now has black or gray elastic, where it was once pink or blue or purple. My white socks just look dingy (perfect for a before shot of a detergent commercial) and my black socks–well, they are the culprit. They are just fine. My black trouser socks, which I have previsouly washed 5 or 6 or 18 times each, took it upon themselves to release their precious black dye into my washing water and ruin everything else.


I think the problem may lie in the fact that it was a front loader/washer dryer combo. It took like 4 hours to wash and dry the clothes, with some intense pre-wash and intense rinse and like 2 hours of dry. I never figured out how or if I can use dryer sheets. And sadly, didn’t seperates my whites from my darks. now, everything is steel gray. It is at least a very solid mistake, everything is the same steel gray color. It would be cool, if I’d done it on purpose, but I didn’t. My formerly violet, embroidered bra, is now steel gray with violet embroidery–cool, but come on…

Lesson learned.

Go to the laundry room and use the top loaders from now on.

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