A personal victory.

I know that I have been sort-of quiet about doing Weight Watchers over the last three months, but today I would like to annouce that I have lost 25 lbs. I finally started trying to lose weight in September after doing first aid at a car accident–a wierd side effect, but a good side effect. Since I got to London, I have been struggling due to stress and abundance of chocolate in my office. You think the Chicago office is bad, or working at an ice cream and candy shop is bad; but having the Cadbury vending guy give me 12 chocolate bars on top of all the other office treats… It’s been a struggle.

This week, once I realized how close I was to reaching my 10% goal (which I also lost this week) I decided to try the “Wendie Plan” to see if I could melt away the last pound or so in this mini-goal. And–melted. Gone. Twenty-seven pounds gone forever.

Watch out for the skinny version of Leah that is coming back from London, she could be very dangerous.

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