Two days, two great restaurants.

Last night was the end of year faculty and staff party for the London Center. I wound up at the kid’s table, but it was a lot of fun. The party was at Sarastro’s–another double decker restaurant. It was a very festive place and the booths were elevated and it was as if you were in an opera box. You couldn’t help but make snide remarks like the two old men at the Muppet Show. I had a fantastic view of all the other opera boxes and the lowly people sitting at normal tables below us–how lower class. Sitting on the floor and not up a ladder in an opera box. The food was fantastic and the company devine.

Tonight I sniffed out the Argentine restuarant and we went and tried it. I, of course, had milenesa with papas fritas–starting with a chorizo sausage. YUM. AND… drum roll please. QUILMES! I had Quilmes–Argentina’s Favorite (and only) Beer. A beer I was always worried would turn out to be worse than a miller light, but that turned out to be a pretty decent Lager. Not just good for nostalgia, but actually good.

I’ll certainly be back for more comida de los gauchos.

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