High Society–a must read

This evening I finished reading High Society by Ben Elton. It is a must read for all fiction and political fans out there.

In it, Elton weaves together four or five stories. Each person is somehow involved in the war on drugs in England–either as a user, politician, police officer, family of before mentioned, or total rock star. All of the characters spiral together with the introduction of a Members Bill to Parlaiment concerning legalizing all drugs–from marijuana to cocaine to heroin to crack. Peter Paget, the MP, starts as an MP on the way out of the party and then it seems may get to the very top.

Each of the main characters–Peter Paget (The MP), Tommy Hanson (The Rock Star), Jessie (Heroin Addicted Prostitute), Samantha (the parliamentary assistant), Sonia, Angela, Cathy, Francois… Each is written in 1st person with very distinct voices and dialects/accents. The twist in the last 5 pages is jaw-dropping and I think, very realistic. Although it takes place in London, it could be the story of a senator in the United States.

Worth a special order from the book store.

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