The Mysterious London Postcard

In August I received a postcard from London. It was not signed and merely said, “Dear Leah. We really must get together for drinks, as it is only an 8 hour drive betwixt our houses.”

I emailed all of my friends and no one ever fessed up to having sent it. The handwriting was vaguely familiar, kind of looked like my sister’s–but she lives a meager 3 hour drive away and was not in London at the time. I went so far as to go to the Royal Mail webpage to check the authenticity of the stamp and cancelled station, etc. I never found out who it was from. I have one guess left–that it was Katy Kohn. She is a friend from high school that I reconnected with last Christmas. Although, I am still not convinced she has my Ravenswood address. I have just found her mailing addy and am going to write a letter and see if it was her.

Otherwise, the mystery goes unsolved.

Who lives an eight hour drive from chicago AND would actually say betwixt?

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