Okay, what now Friendster boy?

One of the many avenues of dating I have been testing out is Friendster. A number of my friends have had success on the online circle of friends tool, so I have been giving it a real good go. It has not been terribly succesful for me. There was The Coach, over a month of back and forth and back and forth and canceling and rescheduling and lame excuses. Then others I have lost interest in, because their emails to me were too short.

So there is this one guy and I’ve seen his profile a million times, it always catches my eye. So I sent him a message. It was lame. It was stupid. I sounded lame and stupid and would never have written the me that wrote him back. So I sent a revised message, that was much funnier and highlighted how stupid I recognized the original email to be.

It’s been maybe a week since I sent the stellar email and, sadly, no reply from Friendster Boy.

Today, I’m bopping around The Shop and say hello to a customer, but I don’t wait on him. I do, however, keep looking at him. I know him from somewhere. Improv? Comedy? Writer? That party at Eric’s? No, no, no, no.

After he pays and he is walking out the door, it clicks. FRIENDSTER. It was Friendster Boy. He was much shorter than I’d decided he was, but also a little cuter. And to top it off, he paid with a credit card and I checked his name. Hazzah! It is.

Now what? I have reviewed my profile. Nowhere in my profile does it say what shop I work at. And really, looking at those photos, you may not recognize me in real life based on those. Unless, of course, I had my Neighborhoodie on.

So, Friendster Boy, you know who you are. What am I supposed to do? I think you accidentally came to my shop when I was working, but now I have almost met you. Am I supposed to email you AGAIN and tell you that we’ve nearly met? How in such a huge city do we cross paths at my ice cream parlor?

I think I’m going to take a poll. Friends, family, countrymen. Do I message Friendster Boy or go back to scooping ice cream?

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