How people find me.

One of the blog city benefits of being a premium user (pay to play) is the stats. Not only do I see the number of hits I get (Climbing steadily towards 20,000), but hits per day and EVEN hits per hour. It is addictive and cool.

The other cool thing is I can see the link that got people there, including the google searches they did. Some recent ones have been for

“too good looking” intimidating

“leah jones” obese

“leah jones” dating

“inflatable personal trainer costume”

Leah in Chicago

There have been a few for and For awhile last winter, the searches used to often be about proper Ulster Fry-ups and Edward Monkton. That was because I wrote a long entry about Hayden’s Ulster Fry when I was in Belfast and another entry about the art and humor of Edward Monkton. As these go deeper and deeper into my archives, people are less likely to find them in the top ten of a google search. Actually, you can’t find them with google. I just tried. Now it seems to be people who might actually be looking for me–fat me or getting skinny me.

Weird. But I love it.

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