Sit Ubu sit.

I’m trying to get Spidey to settle down, but saying, “Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog” is having no effect on him what so ever. Maybe because he is a cat and his name isn’t Ubu. The less he moves, the less he sheds all over me. The holiday season is now officially over, I’m writing 2006 on my checks and thank you notes to my gift giving co-workers.

Mainly I’m editing. See that pile of paper over there? That’s my manuscript. Maybe I should have waited to tell my rabbi and announce it to the blog world, but I’m on the impatient side. Plus that people know I actually have a manuscript puts a lot of pressure on me to get something done on it.

I’m editing a bit for content and a bit for language right now. I’m trying to find the gaps in the story. One problem is that without the comments, you can’t see why I suddenly get angry and start ranting about becoming a Jew in the Reform traditions. That would be in response to Rabbi Dan or the Anon commenter who said to stop calling myself a Jew in my personal ads.

Over on Gapersblock today, I added my Top Ten List for 2006, here it is. No it isn’t the Top Ten of anything in particular or one theme, just of the year. Maybe the theme is Top Ten Things for 2006 OTHER than becoming a Jew.

1. Chicken Pot Pie at Jack’s/404 Wine Bar.
2. Uptown Bikes rehabbing my 1960s Scwhinn and introducing me into the world of biking in Chicago.
3. Vive La Femme outfitting me for every important moment of the year.
4. Mark Feuerstein in “In Her Shoes” the movie.
5. Metropolis Coffee & Staff
6. 147 Outer Loop Express
7. Dim Sum Brunch at The Phoenix
8. Transit Strike was in New York and not Chicago.
9. My mortgage guy and realtors getting me into a condo.
10. Learning how to use RSS.

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