that nextel commercial…

I’ve only ever used Verizon, they’ve had me from hello. Actually, my friend Nick did all of the research and then five of us followed suit and went with Verizon. Since them, I’ve never changed services and have had mostly good customer service. You might remember the new batter debacle that took three visits to two different stores.

That said.

I love the new Nextel commercial. The one with Push It by Salt N Peppa. Maybe because the song puts me right back into the Wig Wam Roller Rink (or maybe the Roller Barn.) It puts me back in the middle of the floor of a Fun Club at Woodrow Wilson Jr. High, dancing in a circle with my girlfriends. Practicing our choreography in Reanna’s living room BEFORE a Fun Club.

1,2,3,4, jump back, jump forward, push it.

So Nextel has these two suits dancing to Push It and a third suit (and when I say suit, I mean geeky guys with ties on) has the boom box on his lap. They are dancing and the fourth suit comes in and freaks out. They stop the tape (oh yes, it is a casette tape) and use Nextel stuff to answer the questions.

Then the guy presses play and they all start dancing again.

Oooh, baby baby, b-b-b-baby.

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