Writing Jewish, Jewish Writing

Yesterday I got three new Jewish books in the mail. My Aunt gave me an amazon gift certificate and I was able to get a few things from my Wish List. Jewish as a Second Language, Adjusting Sights, and Stars of David were the three books I picked out.

Jewish as a Second Language was one that I’ve had on my wish list for quite sometime, but can be really difficult to find. I think Molly. Katz would be well advised to do a second edition and put it back on the shelves. (I just checked and it is in the 12th printing or something insane.) I got the book for the same reason I got Boy Vey, as a Jew by Coice without Jewish in-laws (at least not yet) I have to also teach myself some of the outside of shul Jewish things. I zipped through the book last night and had some good laughs about familiar (and awkward) moments I’ve had so far.

I started Adjusting Sights this morning–the story of a religious Arabic Jew during the Yom Kippur War. It startled me into crying this morning on the bus. There is a scene where one soldier, who has been hit with shrapnel, escapes from hospital and returns to his tank. But not before stopping to get the four species needed for sukkot. He has a leg full of shrapnel and doesn’t take the easy way out of war–he returns and brings back the lulav. The image of dusty, worn-out Jewish soldiers, shaking the lulav on the battlefield cut right through me. Of course, it is hard not to them jump to modern scenes that we see every day from Israel. Thinking about the current leader of Iran and his constant Jew Hating spewage.

Stars of David I haven’t even cracked open yet, but am excited to have it on deck. I’m also working my way through Born to Kvetch, which my sister gave me for Christmas.

For any chicago area Jewish Writers–there is a weekend at OSRUI you need to know about. The Sofer weekend is a workshop for Jewish writers with Jewish (published) writers. If I weren’t going to be in Israel, I would be there.

Now speaking of Jewish writing, I should do some Jewish editing and work on my manuscript some more tonight. Last night I didn’t touch it–who knows what I was too busy doing. Oh, yapping on the phone–Ronnie is finally home from Argentina. While he didn’t go to the Palace of the Fried Potato, he did go to Freddo’s for Ice Cream.

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