The potatos are roasting for shabbat.

I know, we are still a day away from shabbat, but my shabbat preparations are well underway. No, I’m not baking challah. I’m roasting potatos to take to the Share Shabbat at temple tomorrow night. If I don’t cook the night before, I end up taking…. well, nothing. I end up going empty handed.

So it is unpeeled red potatos, one large white onions, hysop, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic. Roasting away. yum.

I just finished reading a couple new magazines–as I try to stay away from brain numbing trashy women’s mags this year. A co-worker said Happy Hanukah to me with a subscription to Time Out Chicago (pretty fucking awesome.) and tonight at the store I picked up How. How is a really cool design magazine and this month is all about typography and even features an article on the shop (Hatch in Nashville) that did an ad for one of our clients recently. And it features the ad… in the article, not as an ad.

In other new, there is no other news. No dates. No dancing. No book progress. No rabbinical school applications. Reading The Chosen and Adjusting Sights in the same week has made me want to study the Talmud. But first I need to get Hebrew and the Torah under my belt.

Next week the January issue of Shebrew comes out, so check the website for my THREE articles. Okay–one article, one short essay, and one advice column submission. I hope that I hear from the URJ Press soon–at least a little something. Unless I can convince Ronnie to spend 9 hours watching the Godfather Trilogy this weekend, I’ll be spending those nine hours studying hebrew and editing Accidentally Jewish.

I got nothing. Sorry folks.

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