Oh… so studying HELPS learning Hebrew!

Yesterday I walked over to Andersonville for a Libido Burrito at Kopi Cafe. Face it, you don’t go to Kopi for great service, but I woke up thinking about the burrito and decided the best course of action was to have one. While I was there, I studied Hebrew. Guess what? It makes a big difference to study the chapter before going to class.

All in all, I think I’m starting to understand the language and I don’t feel as clumsy as I did last week. It doesn’t make it any less challenging, but I’m more confident this week. Maybe the trip to Israel in March won’t be as frightening–although I’m still learning prayer book hebrew–so being about to talk about kings and kingdoms might not help me woo a nice Israeli boy, but we’ll see.

Other than that, things have been quiet with little to report. I’ve just finished (I hope) our temple website and will be able to transfer the URL soon and after lunch, I’ll be editing my book. Obviously, Ronnie passed on the Godfather marathon. Which is fine, because I’m not sure I was actually up to following through. Nine hours is an awful lot of gangster for one day.

I found out last night that my neighbor (who supplied me with the mouse I’m FINALLY using today) put my RSS feed into his personalized Google homepage. How cool is that? I use the personalized homepage to make my email checking easier, but hadn’t thought of using it as a RSS aggregator. Cool stuff, Maynard.

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