Crazy cat

Spidey’s food has sat in a red bag next to his food bowl ever since we moved here. I don’t put it in a cabinet, don’t seal the bag. I free feed him, I give him treats. He is a well taken care of cat.

Tonight, for the first time since APRIL he noticed the bag of food. It took him about ten minutes to knock it over and now he has it on its side and is pulling food out onto the living room floor to eat.

First was a very amusing ten minutes of pulling the bag and gravity pulling it back upright. Kind of a Weebles Wobble but the Don’t Fall Down sort of experiment. Now what will he do? He was a full bowl of food, just around the corner. But no, he is going to pull it out–a paw full at a time. Put it on the floor and eat it that way.

Apparently Innova tastes better on the floor. Maybe he thinks he stole it and should be eatiing it. That the Innova is somehow mine to serve and gaurd over.

Now he is staring at the tipped over bag. Do I want more? Do I want to scratch the couch? Do I want to scratch in the litter box for five minutes and then dance on Leah’s pillows?


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