Im an expert for Bikini Waxed Madrilenos wearing Belfast Neighborhoodies.

I was doing an obsessvive check of my statistics and refferal logs. There are a few things that I get a lot of hits on–none of which are the “theme” of my blog.

Belfast Murals (Some guy in Ireland has snagged one of my photos for his site. People do a google image search for Belfast Murals and eventually are led back to me through him.

Neighborhoodies (which gets you here and here and here.)

and as of today, Madrilenos.

Today I had 11 people click through to me on a Google or other search for Madrilenos. What do they get? A post I wrote in March 2004 about the bombings in Madrid. I don’t understand the sudden surge in interest and a quick glance at the news doesn’t tell me why people are suddenly searching for the term. Bizarre.

Do people find me when they have questions on Judaism? Reform Judaism? Converting? Writing? Dating? Nope.

But when they want information about Bikini Waxes? Yes.

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