One hand on Spidey

I’m going to try and write a post, while giving my cat enough attention. Hi cat, pet, pet, stroke, stroke.

Synchronicities were in the house today. I went to tango class–first time with my new shoes. It was a great class, I’m really progressing. Although it is frustrating that new people show up each week and we don’t make a lot of progress, for now it works. After class, I really wanted a burger. Ever since Ronnie brought it up on Tuesday, I’ve been thinking, “BURGER.”

I decided it was time to visit my old stomping ground–The Daily Bar and Grill. Alas, my favorite waiter wasn’t there. In fact, no waiters I knew were there and no familiar faces at other tables. I guess I really did leave Lincoln Square.

WAIT! Before I get to that part, before I walked into the Daily, I ran into a former customer of mine from the shop. We run into each other randomly around the city. He’s doing well and is incorporating himself into a choreography company. Maybe he’ll hire me to dance tango…. mmmmm… maybe he’d hire good dancers instead. Anyway it was fantastic to see, um, Ken? (I can’t remember. I think he was Ken, but I could be totally wrong. If you are reading, leave a comment and correct me. I feel like a jerk.)

So I eat my burger, enjoy my Woodchuck, write some and take off. Bummer, I think, No Tommy. I step out the door and look across the street and there is Tommy, walking out of the Square Kitchen. How fun is that? Two run-ins, less than an hour apart. Awesome.

That was exciting. It is also exciting to note that my ceiling has no holes and our lobby ceiling has no holes. I have hot water pressure in my shower and CAN’T wait for my shower in the morning. It will be lovely, I’m certain.

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