Leather pants, snare drum, good music, no dancing.

Tonight I saw Chava Alberstein with Les Yeux Noirs at the Symphony Center. Just a couple thoughts before I crash.

1. Leather pants–not so much a fan. The lead violinist in Les Yeux Noirs wore leather pants that were pretty revealing between the tightness and shine. I would say, “You could tell if he was circumcised.” But it is a band of Jews, so yeah, he is. And they weren’t that tight, but they were that disturbing. He also had on his “sex face” for the whole show–which again, made him a little hard to handle.

2. Brother of Leather Pants–so much a fan. Jeans that fit properly, cute hat, brown jacket. Funny–even though you only said one word, when you were making fun of your brother in the leather pants and orange/pink shirt. The part where you both played on the same violin–amazing.

3. Hey METRO or DOUBLE DOOR or some smaller venue with a dance floor. Please, pretty please, hire Les Yeux Noirs. They make me wanna dance.

4. A night of hebrew music makes me itch to be magically fluent in Hebrew. Tomorrow please. Better would be yesterday, because then I would have understood more of the show.

there was also this whole unspoken exchange between the guitar player and the drummer that I’ll write about later. It was great, but apparently not as noticable as I thought. I couldn’t stop watching it.

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