Ooh, I like this interviewing stuff.

I’m working on an article for Shebrew’s next release. We’ve beefed up the editorial calendar to posting every 10 days or so. The next article is all about careers, so yes, there will be the requisite “& the Single Girl” column. But I was also asked to write an article. An article with (gasp) interviews instead of just personal essays.

I’ve been interviewing friends over email about choosing to work at non-profits vs. profts. I gotta tell you, it is an honor to get the responses. So far Jessica from Suburban Kvetch and Sara from the DC office of Edelman have weighed in. They wrote very thoughtful comments and I can’t wait to start writing the article.

Cool, huh? That this blogging thing I started almost three years ago (my anniversary is coming up) has lead to some amaazing opportunities. Shebrew, me2revolution, friends around the world and now permission to interview. Hooray!

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