Two new CDs, a book, and two days off

The strange thing about sitting in an isolated cubicle up on 64, is that I don’t feel the celebratory “OFFICE CLOSES AT THREE!!!” that I did when I sat on 63. I used to have a cube in the middle of a large group, populated by 20/30-somethings, everyone eager to get out the door and get on the road. Friday afternoons were filled with last minute requests and shortened days included long group lunches.

I don’t have any of that in my new job or in my new physical location. So here it is, 7PM on a “friday” night, and I barely feel it. I have four days off in a row, my mom is coming up for a girl’s weekend, we are going to Chinatown for Thanksgiving, and getting massages on Friday. Cool, but the most very different Thanksgiving ever. (Except for the year I was in Ushuaia competing with an Italian woman over the momentary attention of a boy from Argentina.)

To celebrate, I went to Border’s and used my Holiday savings. I picked up a CD by David Broza and a compilation CD of songs written by Naomi Shemer. I also grabbed a copy of The Introvert’s Advantage. If I remember correctly, her husband took the photographs and compiled the stories of Long Married Couples. I’m fairly balanced between my introvert and extrovert tendancies. I read more than I socialize and I don’t mind sitting in a room by myself doing nothing.

Next year, I’m sure our family will be back together for a turkey focused Thanksgiving in Reelsville, but this year should be fun. I had my fill of turkey and stuffing last weekend. (Actually, that’s kind of a total lie. I didn’t have my fill at all. Maybe i’ll go buy a box of stovetop and just make some stuffing to have on hand for breakfast. Mmmmm.)

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