Night Four and Night Five

I’ll update this later, once I know who Amy’s five bloggers are, but I didn’t have a chance to tell you about her four bloggers last night. I’m loving this Hanukah tour of hers, very very fun.

The four candles last night were: Tamara Eden representin’ from SoCal. Tamara is a fantastically good sport–always willing to be interviewed or memed, which is a nice trait in a blogger. Then everyone else was new to me. What? There are Jewish Bloggers I don’t know? WTF?!?!?! Jews Like Bagels, Earth Observation, Mad Words, and… oh, that’s it. It was just the fourth night. Check back in this post later today for the five bloggers of the fifth night.

And for the fifth night, we welcome Jack Be Nimble, Want Some Cheese With That Whine, Fake Jew, True Ancestor, and (will he post, will he post) my ol’ roommate, The Shalvster.

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