Hiatus, going fishing, taking a break.

What’s the deal? Hiatus? Fishing? Break?

I’ve been writing here, pretty much daily, for just over three years. According to Blog-City that’s 1,748 posts averaged 1.55 a day. I’m not going to count words, but it is a lot of them. Also a lot of prepostion ended sentences, cliches, comma splices, and bad dates. I’ve changed jobs on this blog three or four times, I’ve moved a few times, I’ve lost and gained some weight, and I’ve stuck to the same font.

And I’m getting a little worn out. I have more readers than ever, more regular comments, more referalls, and my rating is going up on JBlogosphere. I have a few other neglected blogs, a neglected manuscript, and unwritten articles due. I’m have close friends because of the blog and I’m much closer to my family from it.

But I want a month off. I might just want a week off, but I think I want a month off. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m not going to go be a hermit or anything, you can still find me. Hell, ask me to go get coffee or pie with you.

Photo from PunchStock.

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