Work, work, work.

I stayed a couple hours late tonight and became on of THOSE people. I know have a blackberry, so apparently hell froze over. Be prepared to see pigs flying and peace in the Middle East.

It actually got delivered to my desk last week, but it was the 8700 and in my group we get to use Pearls. Sigh. So now I have a supercute little thing with keys the size of Barbie toes. Expect to get a lot of short, confusing emails from me and avoid me on IM if it says “signed in on mobile” chances are it will be brutal.

In the meantime, you should meet my co-worker Jason. We’ve been co-workers for a while, but just started working on the same project together. He’s a funny guy and he’s trying to find his blogger niche. I suggested Wacky ______. I said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as it is wacky!”

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