My hearts going boom, b-b-b-boom, slosh.

I did it. I schedule a doctor’s appointment. In fact, I schedule two. First with a dermatologist for a mole that suddenly morphed into something not so molelike (and while I’m there I’ll chat about my avocado allergy that presents as acne.) Second with my regular doc (that I see very rarely, so rarely that I’m not even seeing her) to get a physical and figure out why my heart is beating all wierd lately. Since New Year’s or so, my heart has been racing and sloshing about in my chest. Enough that I’m scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Everything I’ve read says that tachycardia (what I have diagnosed it as) can be controlled with all the good stuff. Diet, exercise, less caffiene, smaller meals, less stress and maybe a beta blocker. Since I can do all of that by myself, except for the beta blockers, I’ll see what I can do between now and my Feb 5 appoint.

So no stress from you all, it is just nothing, I’m sure.

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