Nobody called, so I went shopping.

I was on call today for work, but when I didn’t hear a peep out of anyone at Edelman, I went shopping. Actually, I went shopping downtown so if I did get called, I’d be a ten minute walk to the office.

Dondi and I hit the Carson’s on State. If you haven’t been lately, they are closing and having the biggest sale ever. Seriously, it’s insane, Go. Why are you still reading? GO! I picked up a fancy dress to wear to my birthday party/bat mitzvah celebration and a cool blue velvet blazer. Other than a couple t-shirts at Old Navy and some hair accessories at H&M, the dress was the majore purchase of the day.

After I got home, I got online and rather belatedly ordered my bat mitzvah/birthday invitations. Scary, huh? Real live paper invitations, that means I can’t screw up or drop the torah, right? Or back out, cause some days backing out sounds like a very nice option. It is just over 30 days away and I’m starting to get nervous. Very very nervous.

But that shabbat will roll around and then the next one will roll around and I’ll be a 30 year old lady with some torah under her belt. Sadly, I won’t be turning 30 in Jerusalem as I had once planned. Turns out I don’t actually make that much money, so maybe I’ll turn 31 in Jerusalem? Or 40. Whatever. I’ll go back to Israel sometime.

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