Apparently I was tired.

I got home from shul on Friday night, sat down on the couch and woke up at 11:20 the next morning. Late for services, but a friend’s son was becoming bar mitzvah, so I ran over and caught most of his torah reading and his d’var. I then met up with a friend for a long, late lunch, got home at 4:30, sat on the couch and slept until 9PM. Then I met up with the Walkers for an hour or two, came home and slept through until 8AM.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Then today was torah, torah and Target. I am getting pretty stressed out about my bat mitzvah and it is showing in my total lack of organization in my house. Ugh. All I could do to deal with it yesterday was to sleep. But tonight I have a slip cover, a couple plastic tubs, and a CD binder. I’ve already put all of my CDs into the binder, which means I can get rid of the wine crate I’ve been using for 6 years to hold CDs. I also gave a stool and drawer thing to a friend. I just have too much furniture and it is all a bit overwhelming. By the time I head to work on Tuesday, I’ll be feeling much better.

I did, however, get my bat mitzvah invitations in the mail and have assigned most of the honors for the service. Oy! Good thing I plan on having children; too bad most of my friends will have to wait for 14 years at least before I can give out more honors.

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