Watch out. The oven is on.

Well, I can’t get out of my building. I could, but leaving my snowboots in my cubicle was not smart. Now there is a wintry mix standing between me and the grocery store. I’ve been camped out on my couch, watching TV and watching the snow fall outside. Have I done my laundry? No. Have I done my dishes? Actually, yes, the dishwasher is running. Have I lugged trash to the dumpster? Nope, the wintry mix is my enemy.

But I have particularly good reception on wise tv today and Sundays are food programming. After a disappointing dinner at Tanoshii last night, I was inspired to try cooking my own meal for a change. (Yes, I was disappointed at Sushi Mike’s place. I was so excited to be there, but the service was terrible. I’m not talking about having to repeatedly send food back because they didn’t listen to us, but then ignoring our table for 20 minutes. Perhaps I wanted MORE WATER or even dessert or another roll. But no, the embarassed waitress never returned to our table. Did Sushi Mike come by to talk rolls with us? No. Did I squeal with delight when I first found out where we were, yes. I think that deserves a visit from Sushi Mike, but maybe my lack of diamonds made him only talk to the next table. Sigh. I wanted to love you Sushi Mike, but your staff didn’t deal with embarrasment well. Ignoring your customers is not a good way to get word of mouth.)

Anyway, while watching wise tv, I realized that I can make tomato soup with just a couple tomatos. It doesn’t have to be with 15, but can be a small batch with just two. I also realized that I can cook a few chicken breasts with lemon juice and rosemary. Then they’ll be in the fridge for the week. So my condo is bathed in the smell of garlic and lemon while tomatos and chicken roast away in my oven. Mmmmm. I’ll let you know what happens.

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