Possibility = a date

A delayed Craigslist date might actually happen. Right about the time when my ad was about to be deleted, a guy wrote saying that a friend had emailed him, “she sounds perfect, email her!” He wrote a lovely, engaging email and I wrote a witty one right back. And then.


I deleted all the emails from the ad, as nobody responded to my response. I figured that being honest about this blog, real photos of my available on Flickr, not hiding my upcoming bat mitzvah. All these were checks in the undatable column. Until yesterday. I got a delayed response from the peer pressured guy.

“Work was busy, family emergency, but if I haven’t missed the boat, can we meet?” Okay that isn’t a direct quote, more a summary. I’m excited. Excited that he wasn’t turned off by the words d’var or torah in my email. Excited that in the midst of all this crazy bat mitzvah training, practice, planning there might be a date. I’ll keep you posted, but don’t expect any news until next week sometime.

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