30 cool things I did before 30.

  1. Became a Jew.
  2. Learned to Salsa in Iowa.
  3. Learned to Tango in Argentina.
  4. Got a tattoo in San Francisco and another in Durango.
  5. Got my tongue pierced in Iowa, took it out in Durango.
  6. Got my belly button pierced in Durango, took it out in Chicago.
  7. Turned 26 in Tokyo, ended 26 in London, but was home in time for 27 in Decatur.
  8. Did stand-up comedy at Zanies and at the La Plata County Fair.
  9. Studied improve with Mick *sigh* Napier at Annoyance.
  10. Stood on the runway of the air force base in Lod, Israel, while AirFrance planes took off over my head.
  11. Was one of two passengers on a tiny plane in Colorado with a box of yellow chicks.
  12. Fell off a horse in front of my coworkers. My shirt stayed on the saddle.
  13. I went to Horse camp.
  14. and oboe camp and drum major camp and band camp.
  15. I bought my first pair of knee high boots at the Sam & Libby store in Las Vegas.
  16. I competed in Lunacy at Lady Falconburgh’s for three (or four?) years in a row.
  17. I got left behind at Yad Vashem by my bus.
  18. I took a print making class in Argentina.
  19. I did research with catnip as an insecticide.
  20. I started blogging and turned it into a job.
  21. I managed an ice cream parlor and lost weight doing it.
  22. I bought a condo.
  23. I joined a shul.
  24. I mastered the CTA bus and train system.
  25. I drove from Durango to Chicago with no brake lights.
  26. I bought an ELFA closet system.
  27. I learned some Hebrew and some Spanish.
  28. I became bat mitzvah.
  29. I chose Chicago.
  30. I made it to 30.
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