Just wanted to show you all a bit of mid-day awesomeness. I got a sneak preview yesterday and think it is fantastic. The Chicago Marquee Generator. Like the Church Sign Generator, only perhaps more awesome. In my humble opinion.

P.S. Clearly this is for personal (non-commercial) awesomeness only.

P.P.S. It also works on my blackberry with mobile internet. We had fun with it last night at St. Andrews Inn. There is something terribly fun about writing messages on a marquee and passing it around the table.

UPDATE: Dubi, the programmer behind the sign generator, got a cease & desist today. The generator still works, but it is sans the Chicago Theater. That means I can’t up the ante and make this Chicago’s Top Blog, so it will have to stay Chicago’s #1 Jewish Blog. That’s good enough for me.

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