All gone, all going.

This morning I hit a wall. The wall that says, “LEAH, GET A HAIR CUT AND GET IT NOW!” So I called Scottie at Big Hair and he was booked. I did a little Google and found a salon around the corner. I am happy to say that I now have hair that matches my silver Pumas. Okay, it isn’t silver, but it has a little more attitude.

Even bigger bonus? No more ponytail. It is now impossible for me to put my hair up and you all know that is a good thing. For the last two years I have made the same request of my stylists, “just long enough to pull into a ponytail.” Why? A guy once said he liked the way my hair looked pulled back. I foolishly thought that pulling my hair back would translate into something more than a comment.

Meh. Of course it didn’t translate into more than a comment, but it did translate into two years of total hair laziness. Today I said, “If I can put it into a ponytail, I do. Please make it too short for that.” Jane did as I asked and chopped off a lot of hair. Then I took myself out for mexican and came home.

Now the even bigger news. Trumpets make that noise they make for Kings.

I woke up this morning and thought, “Shabbat is definitely over. Passover is over. It isn’t a fast day. Maybe, oh maybe, I’ll hear from ROI120 today .” I rolled over and saw the red blinking light on my blackberry. I grabbed it and checked my email. The first one in my inbox said, “Dear Leah, Mazel Tov!”


Ahem. Then I immediately put down my blackberry and picked up my phone to call Ronnie. The first words out of his mouth were, “Good, you’ll be able to buy the David Broza Live at Masada CD while you are there.” Another Israeli declared me fair-skinned and suggested I get a wide brimmed hat.

Which is funny, because at Liz Claiborn yesterday I was looking at wide brimmed hats and wondering if I would ever need one. Also funny, because I tried to buy Pumas last year. It was the night before I left for Israel and I really wanted cute shoes to tromp around Jerusalem in. I wanted Pumas more than I should have. They weren’t available in my size. Then yesterday I get the Pumas and consider a wide brimmed hat and then today I get the good word.

I’m going back to Israel. Sure I missed my 30th birthday, but this is better. I won’t be alone, I’ll be with all my blog friends that I’ve only fought with over email. Now we can fight in person. Just kidding CK . No fighting, just love.

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