Yom HaShoah

The deal is that I won’t be able to write anything that touches on what today means. It is the Yom HaShoah, a day of remember the holocaust. Controversial because we have a holy day that is meant for remembering all of our martyrs and all of the pogroms of the past. Necessary because the holocaust is still an open wound for many. Necessary because if we don’t remember our past, we might be lulled into repeating it.

Instead of trying to say something meaningful, let me just direct you to the news, to the blogs, and to the videos.

Increasing the number of Jews after the murder of six million wasn’t my motivation for my conversion. However, it would be insane for me to ignore the role that Shoah plays in my life. At Yad Vashem in Israel, I was struck with the sudden realization of the risk I’ve signed up my children and grandchildren when I went to mikvah.

Trust me when I tell you that there is too much joy in Judaism for me to have allowed fear to stop me from joining the tribe. So we remember today in the hopes that our grandchildren will not add another day of mourning on the calendar. We remember why it is we need Israel–the country and the people. We remember the lives and stories that we lost, but look forward to a world with more peace, joy, prosperity, and equality.

UPDATE: If you watch one video, it should be CK’s of the minute of silence in Jerusalem earlier today.

UPDATE 2: If you read one blog post, it should be from Jew Eat Yet. While not about the Shoa, it is about a remarkable Jewish life.

UPDATE 3: Rafi G at Life In Israel did a round-up post. It is certainly better than me sending you to Google Blogsearch, ain’t it?

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