Nice shabbat.

I got up early this morning. Can’t help it anymore, because around seven or so my lower back starts hurting so much that I can’t stay in bed. I managed to laze in bed until 8:30 or so and then I got up and went to get coffee. Mmmm…. coffee and a salty bagel. Terrific.

When I got home, though, my stomach started to ache a little. I swear, since I turned 30 it’s like my body gave up the ghost or something. “Oy, my sciatica.” So I hemmed and hawed about doing group chores in the building and then snuck out and went to shul instead.

Good thing too, cause just a few words into Mah Tovu my stomach settled. I felt great as I left services and stepped into the sunshine. I went home for a bit and then took myself to a diner for lunch. Mmmm… spinach and feta omelette.

Home for awhile and then a walk on the beach. Now I’m back. The sun is still out and will be out for a few more hours. A FEW MORE HOURS PEOPLE! I might go to a party tonight or maybe a movie. I definitely need to be social, that much I know.

(I am squinting into the sun and pretending that I’m married and orthodox with my hair all covered. I don’t think I pull off the look particularly well, but it was easier than doing my hair. Maybe this summer I’ll have one of those girls with the great scarves teach me how to pull off that look while I’m in Israel.)

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