Anti-social social

I had every intention of going out last night. Leaving my condo, leaving the neighborhood, seeing new people. But it simpky didn’t happen. Sometimes after a day alone, I am ready to get out in the world. But this was totally opposite. Somehow a day spent along left me with no desire to see people.

So I did what any person with the internet and an empty stomach would do, I ordered pizza online. Mmmm. I rarely order pizza and this was a huge treat. I just sat on my couch eating yummy veggie pizza from Chicago’s and starting Judaism, Physics and God. I’m barely into it, but the introduction was fascinating.

How often is an introduction fascinating? Seriously people, this is going to be a great read. I’m certainly even more envious that Dave from True Ancestor got to spend last shabbat with the author.

Today will be a bit more social. I’m spending my morning at shul. I have blood to give (last time my heart was being all weird, but now I’m on top of my game. I think. We’ll see about those iron levels.) And then I have a committee meeting and I need to update the webpage. It’s easier to there, because there are plenty of people around to answer my questions.

Did I mention that I’m also on the Board of Directors now? Crazy, right? Leah Jones is a part of the lay leadership of a shul. Trust me that five years ago, nobody could have predicted that.

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