I wear my blog on my sleeve.

I’m a blogger. It is very much a part of my identity. I wear it on my sleeve and with it all of my emotions. I have a terrible poker face.

In work situations, I always introduce myself as a blogger and that I have kept a personal blog since before I came to Edelman. And when I’m asked the name of it or what I blog about, sometimes I hesitate.

“Is this person going to judge me for writing a blog that primarily focuses on my relationship to and choosing Judaism?” Ha! That’s not what I think at all, it’s more like, “Are they gonne freak out when I bring up religion?”

I got nervous today telling a new colleague about my blog. Instead of freaking out, it turns out that he is close to a blogging member of the clergy. We went from nothing in common other than our employer to much in common, because I wear my blog on my sleeve and I’m not (too) afraid to call it by name. Accidentally Jewish.

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