Hitting the fan.

In reverse, because my night was certainly better than the last 48 hours. I think. I don’t even recall what I did last night, but I don’t think I was home. Oh! Right. I did nothing but wander around the loop after work.

z. On my way home, I met a friend’s new beau. We had a “Don’t I know you moment” and indeed I know him. In the way that your ice cream girl knows you two years after she stops serving you ice cream.

y. Walking from Wrigley up to the Wilson stop was much better than fighting el traffic at Addison.

x. I’m told it was a great game, almost perfect. Cubs won, 1-0. 40,000 fans in the park. No rain. Foot long kosher dog. Yes, a great game.

And that’s about all I want to talk about. I had a productive day, but it was pretty stressful. I went to the wrong floor this morning. Right time, wrong place. That was embarassing. I tried to plow through work and nearly got a couple check marks penciled in.

I needed the game tonight. My mood lifted pretty quickly, now I just feel tired. Tired and like I have full body whiplash. I think I really do have whiplash from dropping the physioball on my face yesterday. The rest of me just hurts.

Complainer, why don’t you brush your teeth and go to bed. Okay.

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