Must pack suitcase. Or just sit here.

Behind the AON building are a set of stairs. This evenin there was a little bird on the stairs. The man next to me walked by the bird and it didn’t fly away. I walked up next to it and then crouched down in front of it. After many people walking by and not noticing, my noticing brought a crowd. I took a photo, cause I didn’t know what else to do.

Lucky for the bird a woman walked up who wasn’t afraid of it. (Not that I’m afraid, but I’m afraid of scaring the bird.) She put her hands behind and in front of it and scooped it up. I wish I could be that gentle, but my cat swears I’m not. She cradled the bird and carried it back up the stairs to put it somewhere safe.

My only guess is that it flew into the glass windows and was stunned. His legs were both there and he wasn’t bleeding. He didn’t seem to be scared. (Look at that, I’ve just characterized it as a male bird when I really don’t know.)

The woman didn’t come back down the stairs and I felt silly waiting for a stranger to tell me that a bird was okay. So I left and got a manicure. That’s what you do when you see a bird get saved, right? Get your nails done?

Now I’m sitting here, about four hours later, wondering what the lesson was. Tiny bird, no apparent injuries, no real fear. Allowing and accepting help from a human. Or maybe it was just a bird.

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