Rainy sunday.

This morning I put on my helmet and got on my Schwinn Varsity 10 speed for the first time this summer. After I aired up the tires, I rode over to Ravenswood Manor for a meeting. Woo hoo! I always forget how great it is to ride a bike! It is fantastic and I really must commit to getting on it every weekend for the rest of the summer. No buses on Sundays anymore, bike, bike, bike.

The meeting was for a Yard Sale that we are having at our shul next Sunday. I’ll be there all day, so drop by and say hello. Mainly I’m volunteering time the day of, because of work travel I can’t do much before. Because of a lack of car and a 9-5 loop job, I don’t feel like I can offer much. Plus I never really know where or how I fit in on these committees. There is so much back-story that I don’t know and so many ins-and-outs of synagogue planning… I’ll just be there with muscle on the Day Of.

Yesterday I met up with a colleague from the DC office and her fiance. They are in town shopping for a reception hall for their wedding next year. She suggested we go to RJ Grunts at Lincoln Park West and Dickens. The original Lettuce Entertain You restaurant, this place is fantstic! Super friendly, great food, yummy drinks and the first salad bar in the whole wide world. Right here in Chicago. Who knew?

Right now I’m waiting out the rain while I decide if I’ll meet up with friends at the lake. Ominous clouds finally broke at the end of my bike ride. My friends are holed up at a Starbucks not far from here, but I also need to get some lunch.

Things have been just chugging along in my life with no real earthquakes or epiphanies. Not blogging so much has been nice and I’ll probably keep it slow for a bit longer. It’s been three and half years. Besides, its really only my mom that noticed I stopped. And she has my phone number.

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