Vague Plans.

In nine days, count ’em NINE, I’ll be in Israel. Woo hoo! Or I’ll be somewhere between Chicago and Tel Aviv, whatever. I’ll be well on my way there. I’m starting to make vague plans that are something like this:

1. Arrive at Ben Gurion

2. Get my Play-Doh free luggage (we all remember how much Israeli security likes play-doh, right? That’s right! Not. At. All.)

3. Go into Tel Aviv and celebrate the marraige of Shai and Ifat.

4. Go to Modi’in for shabbat.

5. Roll into Jerusalem on Sunday.

6. ROI120 it up for a few days.

7. Head to habayit de Rachel for the night.

8. Back into J’lem for shabbat with friends & to go on a hummus crawl.

9. Head northish. Haifa maybe?

10. Return to J’lem. Eat more hummus.

11. Get dragged kicking and screaming back to Ben Gurion and onto the plane.

12. Return to Chicago.

Any questions?

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