Protest, Potato, Chocolate

Fine, fine, I’ll admit it. I’m really not built for heat. Any thought I’d have of moving to Israel has been struck down because I seriously can’t take the heat. Yesterday was up for a meal and a swim, in bed for a few hours (it was finally cool enough to really sleep around 8AM), up for lunch (hummous with a pile of chicken in it, yum!) and back in bed. Then I got up and met another ROI120nik and went to a protest at Rabin Square.

Don’t freak out, I stayed near the edges and people watched. How much can a hebrewless girl really participate. It was against the president who was accused of raping a number of women. It was decided that he wouldn’t go to trial and would just make monetary (can’t remember the fancy word this morning pre-coffee) payments for their trouble. Oy. The women’s coalition organized the large, but peaceful protest. Some college women sat in the intersection and chanted, “women are not meat.” Nobody was hurt (while I was there.)

From there we had potatos for dinner at a baked potato bar and then hiked up to The Port for chocolate. Service was terrible (I know, it’s Israel, service is almost always terrible). So terrible that the entire meal (dessert really) was comped. Yeah, that bad. But it was quite amazing once it finally got there.

I walked back along the boardwalk all the way to my hostel. Past the large fence of the separated beach (men get certain days, women the others, nobody gets shabbat.) Now it is quite early and I’m off to the market and to find some coffee. I haven’t had coffee in the morning the entire time I’ve been here and that might have something to do with my sleepiness. And the heat. And the humidity. Thank god for baby powder.

Today I transfer to Jerusalem for the conference.

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