A nice shabbat.

Some days I have the type of shabbat that really refuels my soul. Today was one. I started at Metropolis for two mondo coffees, a toasted poppy seed and salt bagel (cream cheese on one half, butter on the other) and a good laugh with the cast of Friends. Okay, not really the cast of Friends, but a group of late 30s early 40s who have made the couch at Metropolis into their place. A community that might not stretch far beyond the front door, but it important.

I took a nice long shower where I had a BIG IDEA. I was late to synagogue because I stopped to write a quick note about it, that turned into a long note. But seriously people, it was a big idea and it had to be shared. Services were nice and just what the doctor ordered.

After shul, I made a phone call and hopped on my bike to lunch with a friend. She had great romantic news to share and good work news to share. And as always, she had great food to share. For whatever reason, she loves to feed me. Today it was salmon wrapped around feta with an amazing salad.

I hopped on my bike again and headed nowhere in particular. I called another girlfriend who is in the middle of a divorce. I haven’t really been too available for her, but wanted to offer a moment or two of company. I wound up spendng an afternoon with her and her 20 month old son and then we had a girls night out dinner. I rode my bike and she drove. We met back up at Bad Dog Tavern and feasted on hummus (it is better in israel) and margaritas (for me, water for her.)

Now I’m back for a moment and about to head out again. You can’t keep a good girl down, I guess. Not when there are dishes to do (boo hiss) and jazz trios to see (hooray!). Hope everyone had a restful and meaningful shabbat and/or saturday.

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