All those biz cards from BlogHer

I wish I had it in me to write a meaningful post about BlogHer and I just haven’t found the time or energy. Something about a 17 year-old wizard I was hanging out with since the conference ended.

People I gathered cards from include (trying to crack the code to successful suburban living) Kristin Park of (helping other women through Post pardum depression) Elana Centor the Blogomist from My favorite former Chicagoan at Blondie from and Hillary from

Another Hilary from Because Hollywood is burning (coolest biz card)… Elisa from and Kelly from And Maureen from Wisconsin Woman magazine.

Deep breath, there are more…

Erin the Chief Communications Officer at And Veronica (a professional feminist) from The Founder of www.mayasmom, Ann Crady. Jocelyn from Liz from Successful Blo at and Erica from (for a second time. Actually, she was considering buying something and saw my review in a forum. Since we’d met last year, she decided to go with it. Cool, huh?) and Cindy from

And about 100 other fabulous people who didn’t have cards when we met… or didn’t want me to remember them… or something.

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