Swirling thoughts on a rainy Sunday.

1. I felt the same way about London.

2. This morning walking home from the drugstore, I passed under the train. Two men were drinking beers and staying out of the rain. One said to me, “You are a beautiful queen. If I had a wife like you, I wouldn’t be out here in the rain.” I thanked him and thought, “but I’m out here in the rain too, so you would be out in the rain if you were my husband. You’d just be carrying this bag for me.”

3. Once again I bought a thingy to organize my bills. I know that I have two or three identical thingies in my storage unit, but it always feels good to start fresh. All those papers gotta live somewhere. I also bought an eight pack of sharpie markers, which I love. I used to write all my jokes with sharpies, so why not keep one in my purse at all times now?

4. Yesterday at the Facebook Developer event, a guy walked up to me and said, “this is the creepiest thing I’ve ever said, but do you have a blog?” Turns out when he came to Chicago, he looked for Jewish Chicago blogs and found me. He said I seemed approachable from my blog, but apologized for being creepy. I thought it was awesome and am relieved that people think I’m approachable. Happy to run into you, Dave!

5. Am happy to have found a place where he and I can be friends, since romance didn’t work out.

6. Back to the drawing board.

7. Met my friend Erin yesterday for an ice cream brunch. We were celebrating recent changes in our lives. I rode my bike to her house and then we rode our bikes to Dairy Queen where we each had a blizzard. It felt like being 15 again and that, my friends, was an awesome feeling.

8. I have changed the wallpaper on my MacBook to something a little more appropriate after getting giggles from people yesterday. D’oh! I forgot that other people would see it and judge me.

9. The Air & Water show bothers me. In the rest of the world, when an F-16 screams overhead, you hit the carpet and pray to live. In Chicago, we oooh and aaah. War machines for entertainment. Dubi’s interpretation was that it wasn’t war as entertainment, but engineering as enertainment. Hmmm… that’s a little better, but I still don’t like it.

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