Social Media as Insurance or Why Blogging isnt Dead.

All sorts of theories about the death of blogging or the non-death of blogging, but I think I’m here to sa it isn’t dead. Not for any of the reasons that my esteemed colleagues have said, but for something more simple.

What if Social Media is, gasp, about connecting with people? Making sure that somebody knows you are still alive. Blogging won’t die, because in a disconnected world, blogs connect us.

If I stopped blogging, stopped twittering, stopped flickring, stopped being on IM… someone would notice. My upstairs neighbor, the one who was found dead tonight after a number of days, wasn’t connected to anyone online. Not that I know of… or maybe he was.

Living alone in a city, it crosses your mind and you blink it off… “If I died, who would find my body? How long would it take for someone to notice I was dead?” I don’t think it would take too long. I hope it wouldn’t take too long.

Blogging keeps me connected to people. People who notice when my feed doesn’t update right. People who would know enough to click through and start asking about me. So I’m not really worried that I’ll die and nobody will notice (but who doesn’t worry about that occasionally?)

So blogging isn’t dead, because bloggers aren’t dead and because we want someone to notice when we die. How’s that for a theory?

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