A weekday at home.

I rarely have a day off work that isn’t a weekend, holiday or travel day. Today is such a day. One last day of summer vacation, a use it or lose it treat from Edelman. So I’m at home… popping in and out of emails (unable to send from gmail, still,) social networks, blogs and other things. Drinking coffee, laptop firmly in lap, cat acting as a magnet after three days away from home.

My plan was to renew my driver’s license today, but instead I’m going to get reiki. My back is acting up a bit, but more than that I just got the vibe I needed to go. I have the time, so I’m going to go. Which then gets me to thinking about what I might need to see my reiki practitioner for.

The last two have been for heartache and existential angst. And my back, always my back. It hasn’t been too bad lately, I’ve even been able to sleep in a little which was impossible a month ago. Work is good. A nice amount of travel in my future. A writing retreat.

But there have been some themes lately. A lot of London has been coming up lately. Retelling my tales of living in Chelsea. Watching a colleague start an interim London gig. Some Fort Lewis stuff has been bubbling up. News from former students. Marriages, babies, career changes. Even the ice cream parlor has been popping up a lot.

In a strange way, the Quechup spam was nice. I got quite a few emails from people who took my advice and didn’t join, but sent me a “good to hear from you anyway” note. I’m babbling. I’m looking at a jam packed calendar, overwhelmed by all there is to do, unsure how it will all happen. My heart is doing the sloshy thing again (must remember to eat bananas.)

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