Dont accept my Quechup Invitation!

I was in Hugh’ s address book, accepted his inviation and then managed to also invite (SPAM) my entire email address book. Don’t accept my invitation to Quechup!

UPDATE: File this under, “Huh, that’s not exactly how I expected that to turn out.” I tend to break things in the course of trying to fix things. Once, after a fire in my res hall in college, I slipped thank you notes under the windshield wipers of the custodians who came to start cleaning at 4 in the morning. I broke off a windshield wiper in the process.

Tonight I sent an email to my entire address book after the Quechup spamasco. (And this answers the question, “if Hugh jumped off a building, would you?” Apparently, I would.) But so many emails bounced (of the 850 addresses in my gmail account) and I sent so many… well, Google has decided that I’m a spambot and now I’ve lost email privileges for 24 hours.

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