Good Days

Oy, it’s been a crazy week. Tuesday night I made a shiva call, Wednesday night was the first Itza Mitzva of the year and last night was dinner with a Lawyer Friend followed by a late night at the office. All three days in the office have been focused on two blogger meet-ups/receptions.

The limited space is making it more of a reception than a meet-up. While bloggers will be meeting up, it isn’t the unlimited invites that Geek Dinners can often provide. Anywho.. I have my original “oh my god I can’t believe you commented on my little old blog” acting as the evening’s host.

Yes, Craig Newmark.

(According to the archives, I apparently called him my boyfriend after he commented on my blog twice in two days while I was living in London.)

Anywho, Craig will be hosting and I’ll be there too. I’m excited to be working with the OneVoice Movement. It is very gratifying to be doing something that aligns with my personal as well as my professional. This is all leading up to summits in Tel Aviv, Jericho, London, Ottawa and DC on October 18th. And a lot of my energy is going towards this event and one in London on Monday night.

So now shabbat is drawing near and the rain has let up, so I’m going to shut down this computer and go home after a short, but kind of exhausting week. Shabbat shalom and l’shana tovah, y’all.

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