If I forget thee, O Jerusalem.

What is occupying much of my time right now? A little event that is happening in New York City on Monday, September 24th. I’ve mentioned before that I’m working with the OneVoice Movement as they gear up for One Million Voices and the summits on October 18th.

During this season of renewal, I consider myself very lucky to have an assignment at Edelman that is so close to my heart–ending the conflict in Israel & Palestine. Monday night is the blogger meet-up and we still have room for more bloggers. Wanna know who is talking about it?

Let’s see, there is Daniel Lubetzsky who founded Peaceworks and the OneVoice Movement. Who else? Mmmm… Craig Newmark, who founded Craigslist and is a board member for OneVoice, is our host, so of course he wrote about it. Erin over at OneVoice took a minute out of her schedule to let people know. And of course, no blogger meet-up in NYC is complete without the lovely Esther K who wrote about it yesterday.

We’ve also invited bloggers from the Huffington Post, since founder Arianna Huffington will be attending and speaking on behalf of OneVoice, Jewcy, Jewschool, Arabisto, MidEast Youth, Jewlicious, Global Voices Online, Orthodox Anarchist and many other sites.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Harris Silver at Think Tank 3 who got Duvel to sponsor the evening by sending over a few cases of beer. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this project to work on, especially knowing that across the globe fellow ROIniks are also working on this. Anywho… this is where my brain is at these days.

Are you going to be in New York on Monday night? Let me know and I’ll get you on the list.

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