I think I’ve deleted a post along these lines three or four times since Saturday. You see, on Saturday afternoon I posted a Craigslist ad. Super basic, honest, kind of funny. I got responses, but they were kind of lame. Some were even very mean. So I deleted it after being told to get off my lazy ass and learn something about nutrition.

Later that night I wrote a better ad, but was told it was written for women and nerds. Did I want either? I deleted it. Then I updated my Jdate profile and created a Frumster profile. I offered/threatened the twitterverse that they could take over my social calendar and start setting me up.

So… yeah… I’m single.

Maybe a relationship isn’t right around the corner, but I’m officially out there. I like men who are brilliant, passionate, funny… Jewish is important, you all know that, but I am capable of loving people who are Jewish. I love a good conversation, but I don’t want to debate everything, please and thank you. I enjoy Chicago and I like men who drag me out into the city to DO stuff.

I really like coffee, diners, cafes. Pubs, patios, wine bars. I like dancing, but not clubs. I like music, but don’t care to see live bands. I love that chicago is a sports town, but don’t particularly like sports. I like the CTA and my bike and walking.

Think you know someone I should date? Send me an email, set us up. Tell him I blog, he’ll Google me anyway. Show him my Flickr account, there are lots of photos of me there. I look how I look, I blog who I am.

Your call to action: Set me up on (gasp) blind dates with men in Chicago.

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