Leaving Las Vegas

Taking advantage of some free wi-fi at the Las Vegas airport to get online for the first time in three days. By online, I guess I mean using the internet on a computer, because I was on mobile internet all weekend on my blackberry. Turns out the sites I really like having access to are Twitter, Bloglines, Facebook, and Google. To bad I can’t blog from my mobile, cause then I might never turn this on.

I had a very nice weekend. The wedding was simply amazing and it was so good to see Jake and Jenn get married (seven years later) and see a few other students. Amazing that they have gone into student services and fun to see that I might have had a good influence on them all those years ago. Jake and Jenn wrote the ceremony themselves and it was simply beautiful. The location was perfect, the words they chose were perfect. Their friends are friendly and the DJ was a great MC.

After the out-of-towners brunch on Sunday morning, I took $40 to the Sahara casino. I managed to turn $3 into $142 on slots! Then I took that up to my room and went back downstairs to try again. I have a strange way of Vegas accounting. Significant (to me) wins, went into my right pocket and my gambling budget was in my left pocket. After I emptied my left pocket, there was no more gambling. I didn’t empty it until I was at the MGM Grand last night. So I stopped at the ATM on my way out of Chicago and grabbed $200 and now I’m returning to Chicago with just over $200 in my wallet. (Keep in mind that I paid for a few taxis and meals with that cash too.)

I got a little overwhelmed last night, Las Vegas is hard on an introvert, so I popped into an Italian restaurant in New York, New York. I sat at the bar and ate dinner and talked to the guy next to me. He was also alone, so we chatted, watched baseball and compusively checked our blackberries. I went to MGM Grand, Paris, New York, watched the fountain at the Bellagio twice and hopped on and off the Monorail.

It was a lovely weekend, but I’m probably done with Vegas for awhile. Give me the real streets of New York or Paris next time, okay? But I’ll keep the king size bed.

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