A good week, a week of peace.

This week has been on Warp Speed. Seriously, Scottie, you can put it back on normal speed so I can actually accomplish something. The days and nights have been speeding by and now I’m just a few days from leaving for my writing retreat in Virginia. I still have some serious writing to do.

Monday night I went to the gym for the first time since July. SINCE JULY PEOPLE! What the hell? I haven’t made it in the mornings yet, but I’ll go tonight and see what I can do in the morning tomorrow. I am, though, going to be back on the exercise wagon with my renewed Cheetah membership.

Tuesday night a friend and I had dinner for the first time in a year. He is a dear friend that I used to see on a weekly basis, but then life happened and we fell out of the habit of seeing each other. Oh and, you know, I fell for him, told him and then we didn’t see each other for a year. Which is what happened when I told him I liked him 3 years ago. Apparently we’re on a cycle and if I don’t fall in love with someone else, in 18-24 months we’ll be sitting in his car playing that damn record again.

Or not.

Maybe I really got over him this year. We fell into our easy, fun, witty rapport. We talked for nearly two hours and barely touched on anything. It’s hard and I hate to admit that I still have this nagging feeling, “Maybe now he’ll really see me. Maybe now I’m enough.”

And then last night was Itza Mitzva and we studied kaddish at the Fixx with Rabbi Z. We had a much bigger group than we’ve seen in a while, which made me happy. New faces, great conversation–all good things for the group. Afterwards we went to Matilda’s for 1/2 price wine and dinner.

Jon and I stayed late and chatted. He’s off to a kibbutz ulpan for 5 months of Hebrew study. I wish I was young and mobile enough to run off to Israel and study with him. (There is an age limit, people, I’m not being all “woe is me, I’m 30 and ancient.”) But owning a condo, having finally started a career with some opportunities and still loving my Chicago life… it makes running off to Israel much more challenging.

I’m not really as meloncholy as this all sounds. It was great to see my friend and see how he tugs on my heart strings and realize that it is just a tug now, not a full blown symphony. I’m thrilled for Jon and his upcoming Israel Adventure and know that I’ll have one of my own some day. I’m a bit overwhelmed with my novel writing retreat (fear, fear, fear, fear) but excited to see what might hit paper while I’m there.

In other news, I just found out that I am up to 60 subscribers between Bloglines and Google Reader. Wow! I mean, wow! Feel free to leave a comment saying hello… you know, delurk for a minute and tell me where and why you are reading Accidentally Jewish.

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