Quick shout-outs

On Wednesday, I went to an event planned by CoburnWW for Staples . Over the course of a day, they did a breakfast, lunch and cocktail hour for local bloggers to learn about giving tech gifts for the holidays. Beth from Techmamas acted as the host. I apparently went to the mom bloggers lunch and felt a little out of place (see if you can find the Aunt Blogger in the big round-up post.) It was a nice way to do a blogger event–food (although most of the bloggers were Jewish and the ham was hard to navigate around.), products to get your hands on, and a smart, savvy blogger leading the event.

Yesterday, I popped over to Google for Lunch 2.0. A big geek networking event where I got to eat mini-veggie burgers and chat with my favorite local Twitterati. I also explained to Eric Benderoff why Twitter rocks and how to get more from his RSS feeds. He repaid me by writing about me in the Chicago Tribune.

P.S. Yesterday was my friend Dave’s last day at Earthlink where he was the Chief Blogger and Guy In Charge of Cool Stuff. Okay, maybe the second half of his title I made up. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone to handle a re-org with such grace, both in private and in public. He was one of a few hundred that lost their jobs, but he was also a public face of the company. I’ve been really impressed with him, his professionalism and his character. I think bloggers can learn a lot from him (manners) and I hope some Atlanta folks realize what a smart guy he is and snap him up. (Snap him up and transfer him to Chicago, so I can play with his totally awesome Italian Greyhounds all the time.)

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